Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

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This debut novel covers a host of serious topics that teens face every day in and out of school, with friends as well as bullies. The story begins with Clay Jensen returning home to find a box of 13 cassette tapes from Hannah Baker, his high school crush who had committed suicide just 2 week earlier. Clay learns that each tape is for someone who Hannah believes has played a part in her decision to commit suicide. Clay is told to listen to each tape to find out what his role was before passing them along onto the next person. Confused as to his part, Clay listens on with horror as he learns all that Hannah has experienced. Hannah herself is not without blame as she is complicit in a hit and run and  a rape of a fellow classmate but Asher shows us that how we treat others can have a lasting impact. This is a story that all teens should read, especially in light of the ongoing conversation about teen bullying. Check Our Catalog

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