Antigoddess by Kendare Blake

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She could feel it worming its way up her throat, choking her, scraping her esophagus, digging relentless into her uvula. Athena pushed back her gag reflex, reached into her mouth and yanked the bloody feather out. Surveying it with narrowed grey eyes, she knew that another feather would soon grow past the open sore in her throat. They were filling her lungs – these feathers – and they would suffocate her one day. The reign of the gods had ended, but she never expected that they would all begin to die, each in their own way. Her brother Hermes is thinning by the day, his body being eaten from the inside out. Her stepmother Hera is slowly turning to stone, while her sister Aphrodite has been driven insane with the madness of love. The most monstrous of them all is Poseidon, polluted as the world’s oceans and relying on cannibalism to sustain his grotesque body. As Athena rushes to find a cure, Demeter imparts her last piece of advice – the answer lies with Cassandra, the prophetess that Athena fought against in the Trojan War. A great young adult novel for fans of Greek mythology! Check Our Catalog

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