April is National Poetry Month!

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Celebrate National Poetry Month with us! Whether you read a single poem, read a bunch or try your hand at writing one, take a look at poetry this month.

Poetry Books

Starting in 1996 the Academy of American Poets has supported a month-long celebration of poetry in its many forms. And oh, poetry comes in so many shapes and sizes and formats! There are short poems like haiku and long epic poems, poems that look like animals and poems that tell stories. Some poems rhyme, some poems don't. Some poems have short lines and some have lines that go on and on. Poems can be silly or serious, they can be about any topic you can imagine. Different cultures all over the world have devloped their own unique poetic forms. You've probably heard of sonnets and haiku, but what about ghazals, pantoums or ekphrasis?

We have tons of poetry books in the Children's collections at the Main Library and at all three branch libraries. Take a look under 811 for American poets, 821 for British poets and the later 800s for children's versions of epic poems like the Odyssey and the Illiad and poetry from other countries. Or ask a librarian for help finding novels in poem form, like Love That Dog and Hugging the Rock. Check out the list on the right for some poetry book suggestions. You never know what type of poem is right for you if you don't look!

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