Birthmarked by Caragh O'Brien

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Gaia has ninety minutes to take the newborn child from his mother. Fifteen minutes to make tea to calm the mother. Ten minutes to mark four freckles on the baby’s ankle – a tribute to her lost brothers. Five minutes to explain how her baby would be advanced to a better life inside the Enclave as part of every midwife’s monthly quota – three tributes sent inside the wall. Thirty minutes to deliver the baby, with half an hour left to spare. Only everything shatters when she returns home to find her parents gone and Sargent Leon Grey waiting to interrogate her for crimes of treason against the Enclave. As she manages to breach the wall and come to the Protectorate’s attention, Gaia begins to question the Enclave’s motives and to see the true decadence inside the wall’s façade – a rising consolidation of recessive genetic disorders resulting from a limited gene pool.

In a gripping story set in a dystopian future, Gaia Stone strives to circumvent the Enclave to rescue her parents, but just what did her mother and father do to incite the Protectorate’s wrath and does it have something to do with those four distinctive freckles?  Check Our Catalog

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