Crown of Midnight by Kristin Cashore

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The glass castle has many more secrets steeped in its transparent walls. When Celaena Sardothien emerged victorious as the King’s Champion and new royal assassin from the previous book’s competition, she never imagined her life would be as dismal as the slave mines at Endovier. Forced to kill rebel leaders, Celaena offers them a deal – either die at her blade or fake their death and flee the country. In her small acts of rebellion, she uncovers a larger plot to overthrow the king. Growing closer to the gruff Captain Chaol while balancing her tenuous friendship with Prince Dorian, Celaena’s personal relationships soon become the least of her problems. As she discovers the root of the corrupt king’s power over the land, she must embrace her true identity and come into her birthright to topple the empire. A beautifully written world comes to life with this young adult novel. Check Our Catalog

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