The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

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Hazel and Augustus share a sense of humor, sarcasm, wit, love, and cancer. And once Hazel shares her favorite book, Augustus shares that too. Both read the novel multiple times, finding it comforting and frustrating—it ends mid-sentence. They love it most because the main character has cancer, but it’s not a cancer book, just like Green’s novel isn’t a cancer book. While Hazel and Augustus are technically sick—Hazel needs an oxygen tank and Augustus has a prosthetic leg—they are still just teenagers who have crushes, have their hearts broken, fear fitting in, and are frustrated with adults. Together they decide on a plan to meet their favorite author and along the way they fall in love. This book is a sob fest. You will probably laugh out loud and will most certainly cry, but it’s worth it. The writing is wonderful and you will adore the characters. Warning: Don’t read the end of this book in public. Check Our Catalog

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