Fizz, Boom, Read: Plants

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Summer is full of greenery, flowers, fruit, plants of all kinds and your summer vacation is a perfect time to explore them! Discovering the science of plants is as easy as peeling an orange and looking at the wedges inside, counting the seeds you find, comparing the taste of it to a grapefruit or a lemon. Or try taking a nature walk in your neighborhood and use your science journal to record the plants you see. Can you identify them using this plant guide or another you might already have?

Try planting a seed this week and watch it grow all summer. Even dried beans will sprout if you plant them. Can you grow a whole new bean pod by the end of August? Let us know! For an easy experiment, plant a couple of beans and try watering them different amounts or put them in different parts of your home to see how much light they need. Measure them and compare!

Want a faster plant experiment? Get a white carnation and try changing its color with these instructions: Two-color flower.

Take a look here for our summer events and summer reading program and check back each Monday for more summer science.

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