Gravity of Birds by Tracy Guzeman

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A debut novel about a dissolute artist, Thomas Bayber, and his relationship with two sisters, Natalie and Alice Kessler. This is a fascinating art history story and also a satisfying chronicle of the central character’s family histories. The story takes place over three time periods, 1963, when the teenage sisters first meet and become infatuated with the older artist; 1972, when Thomas has a brief affair with Alice and she becomes pregnant; and 2007 when the now famous artist is dying. Thomas reveals to his art historian friend, David Finch, that he has the center panel of a triptych painting based on a sketch of the Kessler sisters. He wants Finch and a young erratic art authenticator, Stephen Jameson, to find the two other paintings. Why use Finch and Jameson to find these panels when a large auction house would be better suited to the task? Where are the Kessler sisters? Who has and where are the side panels? Check our catalog.
Tracy Guzeman shares more in this short video:

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