Inferno by Dan Brown

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Rating: 5/5 stars

The human population is rapidly accelerating to eight million, a total that far exceeds the carrying capacity of the earth’s limited resources. The solution? Descend into the nine circles of hell – Dante’s Inferno – and visit the lake that reflects no stars. There, a sleeping virus threatens to decimate the human race, to cull the population to manageable and sustainable levels. The ingenious geneticist who engineered this vector virus has committed suicide, leaving behind a frantic race to find the virus before it is released to the world. Robert Langdon returns to Italy as a guest of the World Health Organization, utilizing his knowledge of the classic Dante’s Inferno to follow the clues that Professor Zobrist left before his death. Will he reach the virus in time?

This novel masterfully blends breakthrough, modern genetic research with the macabre vibrancy of Dante’s journey through hell. A great read for teens and adults! Check Our Catalog

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