Last Train to Zona Verde by Paul Theroux

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Few can grumble their way on a journey through the dark heart of a continent with such captivating personal  insight and descriptive power as the well-travelled and celebrated Theroux. At 70 this is his “valedictory [African] trip” from Cape Town north through Namibia and Botswana and finally to the “zone of irrationality” that is Luanda, Angola. He endures all the worst that travel in the fiscally, politically and morally wrecked world can offer (broken down vehicles, surly, corrupt and drunken officials, meals of fly-invested chicken parts) with poignant sadness and the sort of “Afro-pessimism” he denies. Theroux’s plans to finish his trip in Mali are cut short when he crosses the “Red Line” into an impoverished anarchy that extends as far north as the Sahara. His chapter “What am I doing here?” is worth the price of admission. Check Our Catalog

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