The Long Goodbye (1973)

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Nothing says goodbye like a bullet (as the tagline goes). And no one knows this better than Philip Marlowe. This particular incarnation of the famed ‘30s detective is Elliott Gould, and he’s now solving crime - and very out of place - in the free-spirited ‘70s. Directed by the great Robert Altman, this is a wonderful adaptation of Raymond Chandler’s novel, although much like the 1946 version of The Big Sleep, this retelling is fairly convoluted. Gould captures Marlowe’s world-weariness and casual coolness perfectly, and Sterling Hayden is pretty much playing himself. As for the plot, it involves murder, theft, betrayal - and an unnerving scene of unexpected violence. Also, keep an eye out for Arnold Schwarzenegger in one of his first on-screen appearances. Check Our Catalog or Watch Now (with hoopla)

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