Lucky Number Slevin (2006)

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Mistaken identities, mob bosses at war, bookies, assassins and righteous vengeance make up this 2006 thriller. Except thriller doesn't really do the job of describing this movie. Sure, it has all the hallmarks: a years-old murder case over a bet gone wrong and a young man caught in the middle of two crime bosses' bitter grudge. But Slevin Kelevra, who arrived in town to find his buddy Nick missing and mobsters - believing that Slevin is Nick - seems fairly upbeat about the whole situation. A pre-Elementary Lucy Liu plays Nick's neighbor, Lindsey, and soon inserts herself into the mystery, wanting to use her amateur detective skills to help Slevin find out just what is going on. As you might hope, there are plenty of twists and turns and dangerous situations, but there's also humor and a tiny bit of romance and, as I mentioned, a tale of righteous vengeance, all played out by a fantastic cast. Check Our Catalog

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