Mad Men (2007-)

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If you like TV antiheroes like Tony Soprano, it's time to start watching Mad Men, featuring Don Draper, a Madison Avenue ad man who is a poster child for poor judgement. This period drama takes place during the 1960s and watching it is like time traveling to a past that feels very nearby. Historical events are incorporated into the episodes, including the 1960 presidential election, the death of Marilyn Monroe, the assassination of JFK, and the mass rape and murder of eight nurses by Richard Speck in Chicago in 1966. Most of the action happens in the offices of the Sterling Cooper agency, where a collection of talented, egotistic and driven characters collide and cooperate to get ahead amidst a culture of constant smoking, drinking, cheating and sex. The series pulls no punches when it comes to contemporary attitudes regarding women (sex objects at best), Blacks and Jews. This is intelligent nighttime soap opera with some fine acting and great visuals. Start with season one and work your way forward. Check Our Catalog

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