Mad Science - Acids & Bases

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They may sound dangerous, but acids and bases are all around us! Find out more about them and see them at work at this month's Mad Science programs.

Acids & Bases

Sure, some acids and bases can burn you, but there are plenty of them all around us every day. We eat them, drink them and use them all the time. Your soda has acid in it and if you use baking soda when you bake you're using a base. Have you ever seen someone make a homemade volcano "erupt" on television? They probably used vinegar (an acid) and baking soda (a base). Put an acid and a base together and they react!

Sign-ups for our March 15th Mad Science programs start on March 3rd. Take a look at some of the experiments in the books on the right and check out the websites below for some acid and base science ideas you can do at home:

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