Mad Science - Bugs

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In April our Mad Science Workshop for ages 4-8 investigated creepy crawly (and useful and interesting!) bugs. Sure, no one likes a mosquito bite, but bugs can be fascinating and also helpful! Take a look for bugs outside then see what you can learn about them in a book or online.

For some great bug stories and bug information, try looking in our catalog.

For more bugs online, try these sites:

Take a look at this Insect Field Guide to identify any bugs you find.

Check out National Geographic's bug pages.

Did you know you can eat bugs? Read about the bugs people eat here, then, if you're feeling adventurous, check out some insect recipes.

Think you know a lot about bugs? Take this insect quiz to see how much you've learned.

Have fun this month learning about bugs. Next month's Mad Science topic is rockets. We hope we'll see you there!

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