Mad Science - Magnets!

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Feel the pull of magnetism in January with our two Mad Science programs for kids.

Magnet Books

Magnets will be the topic for both the 3-5 year olds and the 6-10 year olds this month. Both groups will get some hands-on experience with magnets and get to play with magnetic fields. But one cool thing about magnets is that they're all over the place. It's easy to find some magnets of your own to play with at home. Find some at the supermarket, the craft store or just take some off your fridge and see how much fun they can be.

Take a look at some of our books about magnets listed to the right, or look online to learn more about magnets and why they work. There is plenty of information about magnets here, here and here. Want some ideas for magnet activities to do at home? Try a magnet jar or levitating magnets with younger kids. For some more involved activities for older kids (with parental supervision, of course) try some cool magnet experiments with food and batteries.


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