Manga Drawing Workshop

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Our fourth Saturday program in April was a Manga drawing workshop for children aged 8 and up. Massachusetts-based artist Shauna Leva led the workshop, which focused on teaching the kids how to use manga and anime art styles to make their own cartoons. The kids had a great time learning to draw faces and characters and came into the Children's Room after to show off their work.

If you missed the workshop but are interested in this style of comic drawing, take a look at some of our drawing guides in the 740 section of our nonfiction.

If videos are more helpful for you, there are a lot of tutorials online. Try this one to start and look around for more.

And if you'd like to get some suggestions for kid-friendly manga titles, check out this page of titles and resources.

We hope you've had some artistic inspiration and invite you to join us for May's fourth Saturday program, an origami workshop for aged 8 and up. Registration begins on May 6th.

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