Nevermore by Kelly Creagh

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Centuries after Edgar Allan Poe died of mysterious circumstances, Varen Nethers picks up an old notebook and begins to write. His words spin the diaphanous dreams of a lonely boy, isolated and achingly vulnerable to the devil’s whispers. Soon enmeshed into a net he can no longer untangle, Varen struggles to keep demon Lilith at bay and away from Isobel, a girl that has come too close to the truth… and too close to him. In a dream world where Poe’s twisted imagination brings nightmares to life, Varen and Isobel struggle to overcome their own reality and return home safely, but Lilith is not one to take lightly. She plays for keeps…

A beautifully dark tale that evokes the gothic air of Poe’s works, Nevermore is an unusual young adult book remarkable for its imagery and literary references. 

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