Phoenix Book Club - February 2014

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Should it have won? That's the question we asked about the books we read for February.

Award Winners

Everyone picked a Newbery Medal winner or honor book from a previous year. Most of what we picked were from the past five years, but a few older titles made their ways into our discussion this month. We talked about why a book might have won over others and how the Newbery Medal is given out. Just because a book won doesn't mean it's always going to appeal to every reader, and the Newbery committee knows that and doesn't pick something just because it has wide appeal.

Overall, we agreed that most of the books we read were very good, if not to everyone's taste. There were a few that didn't interest everyone in the group and one or two that different participants had very different opinions on. The closest we came to a universal winner was Savvy by Ingrid Law, but take a look at the list on the right to see what else we read this month.

For March take a trip through time with a time travel book. Pick a science fiction book about time machines or a fantasy book with magic that sends characters to another time and place. Go into the future or into the past, or both! Sound interesting? Know a 5th through 8th grader who might want to join us? Pick up any time travel book (selections are available in the Main Library Children's Room) and join us on March 11th at 7:00 p.m. to talk about it.

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