Phoenix Book Club: Ghost Stories

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Ghost Stories 2016 

We had a spooky haunted book club in November after reading some ghost stories over Halloween!

Every October we pick a supernatural or horror theme to choose books from to read over Halloween. Some years it's murder mysteries, some years it's monsters, some years we go with ghosts. It feels fitting to read something a little spooky or scary for the holiday, but not everything is actually scary, we promise! Not all ghost stories are meant to spook you. Some are more mysteries than horror and others are even meant to make you laugh! There's a wide variety represented in the list linked on the right. Overall, most of our group preferred the books that were either funny or scary. When they were just mysteries with ghosts involved, they sometimes didn't move as fast as the kids wanted them to.

For next month take a little break and pick a Graphic Novel to read! You can choose from the children's graphic novel sections in any of our library locations in Quincy, or pick something you already own. Comics, graphic novels, manga - They all qualify! Pick one (or more) and join us on December 13th at 7:00 p.m. in the Children's Room!

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