Phoenix Book Club: Graphic Novels

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This month we all picked from the Children's comic books and graphic novels selections. With the whole section to choose from, kids picked a great variety of titles!

Graphic Novels

Since December is always a busy month for kids, with school projects wrapping up before winter vacation and winter concerts happening, we always take a little break and read comic books for this month's book club. It's nice to take it easy and read something short, even if the story itself isn't lighthearted.

One of the best things about graphic novels is that they're a format more than a genre. Any type of story can be told in a graphic novel, from serious fantasy epics to funny realistic fiction. There are collections of comic strips, graphic novel adaptations of chapter books, collected issues of serialized comics, standalone stories and more. Several kids picked out adaptations of books they had already read in regular novel form and had mixed reviews for them. The illustrations in Coraline made it even more creepy, where the story didn't feel as deep for The Lightning Thief. Overall, most of the group enjoyed their comics and several picked out more to read in the coming weeks, while at least one member of the group said they prefer regular novels and will be sticking to them instead.

For next month we'll be reading books that feature witches, wizards, sorcerers and magicians. Pick out a book with someone using magic - But not Harry Potter - try someone new! Take a look at the selections at the main library children's desk and join us on Tuesday, January 13th at 7:00 p.m. in the Children's Room!

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