Phoenix Book Club: Graphic Novels

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Comic books, graphic novels, manga, whatever you call them and whatever you prefer, we read them this month.

Graphic Novels

Going into December we always read graphic stories for the Phoenix Book Club. It's a busy time of year for a lot of kids and it's fun to do a format theme instead of a genre. Because really, graphic novels, comic books, manga, they don't all tell the same sort of story. The point here is more how the story is told rather than what story it is. 

This month we definitely ran the gamut of stories. Some kids picked out nonfiction history titles while others picked fantasy. We had historical fiction, folktales, mythology, and even some graphic novel adaptations of books the kids had already read in regular text form. Overall, the response to graphic novels was positive. Only a handful of the books picked by the kids last month went unread, mostly due to not having enough time. Every kid who attended said they'd be going back to the graphic novel aisle to look for more comics in the future.

For next month we're reading steampunk. This can be a tricky genre for kids! The vast majority of steampunk books are written more for teens and adults, but we found a few! Check out the selections set aside in the Children's Room or ask Amanda for a list to place holds from, then come discuss what makes a book steampunk on January 12th at 7:00 p.m. in the Children's Room.

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