Phoenix Book Club: Graphic Novels 2016

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Graphic Novels 2016 

December brings our annual graphic novel discussion back around! 

As always for December we took a little break from the big heavy novels and tried out some graphic novels for fun. This is always a format the group enjoys, even those who don't usually like graphic novels. What's fun to see when we do graphic novels is the group finding all sorts of things they hadn't realized were in there. They find classic format superhero comic books, but also newer fantasy and realistic fiction stories. They find nonfiction and manga alike. And when we all get back to talk about them, everyone's usually found something they liked, even if individual tastes are wildly different. That's the nice thing about this being a format, not a genre!

For next month we'll be reading novels with a mythological background to them. Pick one up in the Children's Room and join us on January 10th at 7:00 p.m. in the Children's Room!

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