Phoenix Book Club: Magicians

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For January we dove into fantasy with books about magic users of all kinds, from stage magicians to witches and wizards to supernatural beings. 


Most of our book club members liked their fantasy selections. Our only exception allowed that maybe the books they'd picked were a little on the slower side and maybe they'd have liked something faster paced better. A lot of trading went on around the table when we were done telling each other about what we read. In addition, many fantasy novels these days are parts of larger series that continue to explore the fantastical worlds introduced. There's just too much to fit in a single story with a lot of these books! Many of the books we picked this month have sequels or related books, so after our meeting we took to the shelves to find more! Length was definitely not a deterrant here, so long as the story and world were engrossing.

For February we'll be celebrating the upcoming ALA Award annoucements by reading award winners from years past. There are a few books set aside in the Children's Room but you can look at the ALA Award page and check the lists here too. Don't be afraid to read something from the Batchelder, Sibert, and Schneider lists! They may not be as well known as the Newbery but they're all good! Due to the snow the February meeting of the Phoenix Book Club has been moved to 2/17 at 7:00 p.m. There's still time to grab an award winner and join us!

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