Phoenix Book Club - March 2013

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Ocean Books

The Phoenix Book Club is our book discussion group for kids in grades 5 through 8. In this group we all read different books from the same theme, then meet to tell each other about what we read. Themes range from genres to subjects to character types and change every month.

Unfortunately for the Phoenix Book Club, a snow storm rolled in just in time for what would have been our February meeting. We postponed our ocean-themed discussion to March but of course everyone had been planning to talk about their books in February, so our memories were a little fuzzy. Thank goodness the snow has since melted and our March meeting went off without a single snowflake in sight.

We read a wide variety of books that take place in, on or near the ocean. Living in Quincy, the ocean is right there down the road, so it seemed like a good idea to read about it. Some of the books we read were Girl at Sea, Tink, Adrift, The Ocean Within and No Moon. Take a look at our book list to see everything we read and some comments from our book club members.

For April we'll be reading books about sports, athletics and physical activity. This can mean team sports like hockey or lacrosse, solo sports like running or gymnastics, other physical activities like dance and even dog agility training. And yes, Quidditch qualifies, even if we can't really play it with flying broomsticks. If you know a 5th - 8th grader who might be interested, grab a sports or sort-of-sports book and join us on April 9th at 7:00 p.m.

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