Phoenix Book Club - March 2014

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We took trips back and forth in time travel books for March.

Time Travel

Some of the books we picked were fantasy, some were science fiction, one was steampunk. Some went back in time and others went forward. A couple went back and forth between different time periods. Some traveled hundreds of years, some only a few minutes at a time. So what did we lean in our travels?

Time travel is a tricky subject! You might think that the books would all have a lot in common, but it turns out that time travel is more of a storytelling device for some books. In a couple of the books the method of time travel was the point of the plot, but in others it was just a way to get the characters into a different time period to tell a story that took place there. In general it seemed like many of the books that went back in time were more historical fiction than anything else, whereas the ones with devices or magic powers that let people go forward in time were about the traveling. So, think you know about time travel? Maybe not! Take a look at the books we read for a wide variety of stories about time.

Did you know that April is National Poetry Month? Help us celebrate by taking a look in the 811s and 821s in our nonfiction section and choosing a book of poems to read for our April meeting. We promise there's more to poetry than rhymes and meter. We've got silly, serious, shaped and stories, all in poem form. Know a 5th through 8th grader who might be interested? Grab a poetry book and join us on April 8th at 7:00 p.m. in the Children's Room.

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