Phoenix Book Club - May 2013

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Bottom Shelf Books

For May we explored an oft-ignored part of the library's collection: The bottom shelves. The top shelves of our chapter book sections are always well-browsed. They're at eye-level, easy to see, easy to poke through, easy to find something new on. The bottom shelves, on the other hand, just don't get much attention at all. You've got to crouch, or even sit down to really look at what's down there, but that doesn't mean the books are bad! It's just a simple matter of alphabetical order. There are treasures on the bottom shelves, if you bother to look there. Of course, not every book is going to be perfect for every reader, so we had some hits and we had some misses, but it was a good chance for everyone to take a look at books they might otherwise have missed.

For June we're going (relatively) easy and reading picture books! No, not the bedtime stories you'd read a pre-schooler. We have a special collection of picture books for upper elementary and middle school readers. We call them "oversize" books. Some of them are in this collection because they're a little too long. Some are there because they're creepy or scary. Some are simply about subjects little kids aren't interested in. If you know a 5th - 8th grader who might be interested, come take a look at our Oversize collection and join us on June 11th at 7:00 p.m.

Special note! Traditionally, the Phoenix Book Club has a pizza party in June to celebrate the end of the school year. 4th graders who will be entering 5th grade at the end of the coming summer are welcome to join us, but please let us know so we know how much pizza to get!

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