Phoenix Book Club: Mysteries

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Disappearances, ghosts, murders and more were the focus of this month's mystery theme.


For a creepy time over Halloween we ready mysteries. While some of the mysteries were a little more tame, featuring thefts and secret identities, most of the books we chose to read for this month were a little scarier. Kidnappings featured in a couple, murder mysteries and missing people in many others, and ghosts in quite a few. And that's what's great about mysteries as a genre: They don't have to be just one type of story. 

We did spend a good amount of time during book club talking about what does make a mystery a mystery. Some of the kids attending brought up books like Tuck Everlasting, which has a mysterious element to it but which isn't usually called a mystery when it comes to genre. So what does make a mystery a mystery? When all was said and done, we decided there's usually some sort of crime or investigation going on, whether the investigators are professionals or amateurs. Just having an unknown element isn't quite enough. Regardless of what makes a mystery, however, the group all enjoyed the ones they took. We have an extra long list of what we read this month linked to the right.

For next month we're reading graphic novels, comic books and manga. The type of story isn't the point, it's the format that matters. Take a look at the graphic novel section at any Thomas Crane Public Library branch or pick one you already have, then come tell us about it on December 8th at 7:00 p.m. in the Children's Room.

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