Phoenix Book Club - October 2014

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This month we traveled the globe through books set in other countries. From Canada to Egypt to Russia and South Africa, we read stories from all over the world.

Around the World

After a summer full of science and math we met in September to reintroduce ourselves to the group, welcome new members, and chat about what we read and liked (or didn't like) in July and August. And then it was off on our globetrotting reading as kids picked from books set in various countries around the world. With the whole world to choose from kids picked books set in countries far and wide. 

With countries on every continent represented in the choices offered in September, kids picked multiple books each to take home. From what they ended up hooked by and finishing, Italy came out on top! And not just Italy, but fantasies set there. And not just fantasies in Italy, but three our of five were set in Venice specifically! Egypt, England, and France were just behind with two each and then Russia, Canada, South Africa, Spain, Scotland, and Tibet were all represented. Something about those Venetian fantasies, though, just clicked for several readers. At the end of our discussion a few books were traded around before we picked out books for November!

For next month we'll be reading books about monsters, creatures, and other beasties. Please note that the meeting for November is on the third Tuesday due to Veterans Day being on a Tuesday this year. Grab a monster book from the selections at the main library children's desk and join us on Tuesday, November 18th at 7:00 p.m. in the Children's Room!

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