Phoenix Book Club: Oversize 2016

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Oversize 2016 

Picture books aren't just for little kids! As we have in the past couple of years, we read picture books for older readers this May. It's a busy month for kids, so we like to take it easier than usual.

In the first aisle of chapter books in the Children's Room, behind the beginning chapter books and next to the graphic novels and comic books, there's one section of books people often overlook. Older kids sometimes think that picture books aren't for them or they just don't notice them because it's not that big a collection. But these books aren't really for little kids. They're books with fantastic illustrations, they look like picture books (because they are!) but they're longer than a typical picture book, or the topic is more appropriate for older readers. Maybe they're a little scary, have puzzles to solve, or they're simply about older kids. What we found, having read them, is that they're all very different books, only really tied together by their physical format. But what was the reaction to them? Mixed! Some of the group loved these books and found them fun and interesting. Some of the group liked them okay, but definitely preferred regular chapter books and novels. We even had two kids who both read the same oversize book and one was bored by it while the other loved it. There's no one right reaction!

For next month we're getting ready for this summer's Summer Reading theme: On Your Mark, Get Set... READ! by reading sports and athletics themed books. Don't worry about sticking to the popular team sports! Pick figure skating, skateboarding, fencing, dancing, whatever you'd like! We are also, as always, happy to welcome 4th graders who will be entering 5th grade in September to our June meeting. Grab a book, read it, and come tell us about it in the Children's Room at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 14th!

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