Phoenix Book Club: Oversize Books

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For May this year we took a little break and read picture books - for big kids! 

Oversize Books

While most people think of picture books as being for younger readers, that's not always the case. Some picture books are about serious topics, others are a little scary or creepy, still others are simply much longer than most picture books and a couple even have puzzles in the pictures. These are fully illustrated picture books intended for older readers than our regular collection, so they live in their own section: J Oversize. You can find them on the back side of the Beginning Chapter Books shelves, next to the graphic novels. This month we all picked a couple of books from that section. 

The fun thing about this collection, as our book club discovered, is that while it's a small number of books, the collection is as diverse as the chapter books or picture books. There are funny books, serious books, scary books, fantasy, realistic fiction, horror, poetry. The group had fun reading them and enjoyed the pictures. They did find they could get through more than when we read chapter books, which is to be expected. Overall, it was a nice vacation during a busy time of year.

For June we'll be taking a peek at our summer reading theme: Every Hero Has a Story, by reading books starring superheroes, supervillains, superpowers and sidekicks. Pick one on your own or take a look through the selections set aside in the Children's Room, then join us on Tuesday, June 9th at 7:00 p.m. in the Children's Room!

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