Phoenix Book Club - Poetry

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We read poetry this April to celebrate National Poetry Month. 


As usual in April we dug into the poetry books in the Children's Room. Kids chose from both the 800 section where the poetry compilations live and from novels in verse we had pulled aside. A wide variety of both went home and were read, with almost everyone taking more than one book. While we did stress that it wasn't required to read the thicker poetry books like A Light in the Attic cover to cover, everyone got into the spirit of the month and read tons of poetry. During our discussion we talked about different poetic forms, such as haiku, sonnet, sestina, pantoum and free verse. Free verse was definitely the most popular form for most of the kids, but they all liked rhyming poems too. One of our group even brought a few poems of her own to read out loud!

For May we'll be taking a look at the Children's Room's Oversize collection - an often overlooked set of shelves full of picture books for older readers. These books are fully illustrated but have longer stories, often with more serious or in-depth topics. Take a look at the Oversize books in the Children's Room, then join us on Tuesday, May 12th at 7:00 p.m. in the Children's Room!

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