Phoenix Book Club: School Stories

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Who doesn't want to read about school at the end of the summer? Turns out, we all really enjoyed it!

School Stories

Sure, it doesn't sound super fun to read stories set in schools when you've only just finished summer vacation, but that's what we did this past month. In September the group picked out books from a wide variety of school stories. Some were realistic, some were fantasy, some were nonfiction, and some were about a zombie virus plaguing an elementary school. Everyone was a little hesitant about the topic, but when we got back together this month to talk about it, turns out everyone enjoyed what they picked. 

Normally we try to steer clear of Harry Potter for this club, since everyone's already heard all about Harry. This month? I allowed it and at least one enterprising book club member worked her way through the entire series. Despite a couple of books not quite grabbing their readers, most everyone found at least one book they really enjoyed. Not terribly surprising. It's always fun to see something you know - school, in this case - put on the page in a new way. Whether it's because the story is utterly like what you live every day, or because it's like it but with the addition of magic or zombies, it's easy to enjoy a story with something familiar in it.

For next month we're reading mysteries, and while you're welcome to pick something nice and spooky to read there are plenty of mysteries out there that don't involve ghosts and won't give you nightmares. Whichever you pick, read it and come tell us about it on November 10th at 7:00 p.m. in the Children's Room.

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