Preschool Discovery: Space

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Bring your preschooler to the Wollaston Branch to learn a little about outer space! No, we can't take off in a real space ship or visit the International Space Station. We can't touch a comet or travel to Jupiter. But we can still look up at the sky at night and we can still learn about outer space.

We'll be doing some space activities at this month's Preschool Discovery but there are things we can't do at the library that you can do at home! 

  • You can look at the night sky any clear night (though you may want to wait for some warmer weather - it's cold out there right now!) and find constellations. There are plenty of books and quite a few websites: Constellation Guide, The University of Texas McDonald Observatory, Sea and Sky (this one groups constellations by what season they can be seen in).
  • Up for taking a trip? The Boston Museum of Science has placed scale models of the planets of our solar system in and near Boston. To see Neptune and Pluto you'll have to go as far out as Saugus and the Riverside MBTA station respectively, but the closer planets are all in Boston. Check here for a guide and map.

Due to the ongoing snow, this program has been moved: Join us between 10 and 11 a.m. on Thursday, February 19th. Ages 2+ welcome, no registration needed! 

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