Preschool Discovery: Your Senses

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Drop into the Wollaston Branch this Wednesday the 8th any time between 6:30 and 7:30 for our new science program: Preschool Discovery!

Preschool Discovery is a brand new program for parents and children in preschool (and early elementary - we won't make the kindergarteners leave!) to explore science and math topics at the library. Each month we'll have a new topic and three new activities to try at the Wollaston Branch. Feel free to come at any time during the hour our materials will be out and try one or more of the activities we've prepared.

This month our topic is your senses. Use your senses of touch, hearing, and sight, then take your curiosity home and try some taste and smell activities in your own kitchen. Can't make it this month? Check below for some activities to do at home for all five senses, take a look at some of the books in our catalog, and plan to drop by Wollaston the evening of November 12th for our next Preschool Discovery, where we'll explore with building and engineering activities!

  • Try making a texture book, like the one described here (and try out some of the other great activities on that page too!)
  • Guess which items make which sound with this mystery item sound activity.
  • Use a magnifying lens to examine things like rocks, leaves, sponges and other household items. What do you see when you look at something up close?
  • Try tasting things while blindfolded. Can you tell what they are without seeing them? Try it while holding your nose!

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