Rapture Practice by Aaron Hartzler

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It's like Aaron Hartzler was raised in an alternate universe. His memoir of growing up in a conservative Christian home was completely foreign to me, yet fascinating. No TV, no music except of the hymn variety, he was compelled to hide the fact that he was reading Neil Simon plays and listening to Amy Grant!   In his world a bad boy goes to the movies.  Hartzler presents his story in a straightforward manner that doesn't negate his parents beliefs, but illuminates his own burgeoning disillusion with them. There is no subject that doesn't come back to God in this family.  My favorite: "The lord wants you to wear socks" when Aaron tries to get away with wearing boat shoes without socks to church.  After being forced by his parents to transfer to an even more stringently religious school (with a seemingly less devout student body), Aaron is befriended by a popular basketball player who introduces him to his freewheelin' alcohol-drinking family, he has his first serious girlfriend and has the first inklings that he is gay. Check Our Catalog

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