Reboot by Amy Tintera

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176…177…178…Wren’s eyes wrench open, revealing eerie blue irises not altogether human. The doctors halt in their tracks, not entirely sure how to handle this…creature. No one had stayed dead that long …and came back to tell the tale, that is. Wren is the latest child to be “rebooted” – having succumbed to the viral plague and fallen dead for 178 minutes before reviving. Now more machine than human and nigh indestructible, Wren-178 is chained and dragged off to the facility to await training as part of the government’s elite reboot army. The years pass and she rises from novice to master, in turn teaching the newly rebooted. Cold and apathetic, Wren’s entire world flips when she agrees to train Callum-22, a reboot whose short deadtime has retained almost all of his human effusiveness and warmth. Just as her frozen exterior begins to crack, Wren has to choose between following the little humanity she has left and following orders as she has always done. An interesting dystopian novel for teens! Check Our Catalog

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