The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness

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Even though this book is not being published until October 6, I got my hands on an advance copy and was so excited. First, if you haven’t read the Chaos Walking series, I strongly encurage you to find time ASAP and get on it. Ness is really good at writing characters that I can engage with. This book is very different than Chaos Walking (it takes place on this planet for starters), but that’s not a bad thing - it’s a new book after all! Every chapter starts with a paragraph about some crazy sci-fi/fantasy story that is happening with all the “indie kids”. With that out of the way the story then focuses on Mikey and his friends in their last semester in high school. Crushes, misunderstandings, sexual tension and confusion, and lots of humor. Very imaginative and still very grounded and real. You are in for a treat when you can get your hands on this one! Check Our Catalog (as of the writing of this post, the library doesn't even have a record for this book, so check back closer to October, and go read the Chaos Walking series now!)

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