Sky Full of Holes by Fountains of Wayne

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My love affair with Fountains of Wayne began two weeks ago when I heard the song "Acela". When my old supervisor used to tell me that I would love Fountains of Wayne I didn't scoff, but I didn't pursue it either. I'd heard "Stacy's Mom". "Acela" is one of many catchy songs on "Sky Full of Holes", their 2011 release. Others include "Cemetery Guns", "Richie and Ruben", "Hate to See You Like This", and my favorite,"Cold Comfort Flowers". As the titles suggest, these are not all light and fun, but they are about something and have lots of nice musical touches, like the snare drum rolls in "Cemetery Guns" and entertaining lyrics that keep you interested in whatever story they're telling. This band is thoughtful and funny. I like it. I encourage you to check out their other titles too. Check Our Catalog or use our streaming service to listen now to Utopia Parkway (1990) and Fountains of Wayne (1996).

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