Spare Parts (2015)

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I found myself talking about this inspiring movie in a couple different unrelated conversations recently. This past weekend I sat next to a retired statistics professor from ASU for a 3+ hour airplane flight. She was personally involved in the efforts to fund the education of the students whose story is told in this movie. George Lopez is the substitute teacher who connects with a rag-tag group of immigrant kids (most, if not all without documentation) who enter an underwater robotics competition. The plot is similar to McFarland USA, but with brains instead of athletic prowess providing opportunities, and with a Latino in the lead role instead of Kevin Costner. Like McFarland, this is also based on a true story, and at the end there are photos of the actual kids who did this and short stories about what happened to them after high school. This was a good family movie, although I sure wish there were better parts for girls. Marisa Tomei and Jamie Lee Curtis were good, but the only high-school girl with any dialogue was purely a love interest. Check Our Catalog

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