Drive (2011)

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What do get when you combine the pace of Eraserhead with violence that would make Quentin Tarantino cover his eyes:  Drive.  Ryan Gosling transmits his performance with as few words as possible.  When asked what he does, he says, "I drive". He's a mechanic who does a little stunt driving for the movies and a little getaway driving for criminals on the side.  His life gets much more complicated when a comely neighbor moves into his apartment building and his effort to help her goes violently astray. Albert Brooks is amusing and menacing as the local crime kingpin.  The soundtrack is the worst I've ever heard yet, somehow, goes perfectly with the action. Check Our Catalog


I'm not a super fan of action flicks but really enjoyed this movie. The mood from beginning to end is tense and forboding. The violent scenes are very graphic but very brief so even if you're squeamish (which I am) it's not horrible to watch and you can even kind of close your eyes quickly and not miss much!

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