Ratking by Michael Dibdin

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Having enjoyed Zen on Masterpiece Mystery I went looking for the books the series is based on. This is the first of the Aurelio Zen mysteries, oddly enough shown as the third episode in the TV series. The book provides a much more detailed story with many more characters and an ending that doesn't work out quite as simply as on TV. If you are curious about the character of Zen the book provides much more background but be warned there are changes--due to the producer's choice, Zen is much younger and handsomer on TV, also due to the fact that the book takes place in the early 1980s. Another thing the book does much better than the TV show is to make Italy, in this case Perugia, come alive. There are many more Aurelio Zen mysteries, I'm looking forward to them.


I'm a big Michael Dibdin/Aurelio Zen fan! One of my favorites in the series is Dead Lagoon, which is set in Venice.

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