Trollhunter (2011)

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Filmed in a style similar to The Blair Witch Project, this movie claims to be the found footage of several student filmmakers who had set out to make a movie about bear hunters and ended up making a movie about a secret their country has been keeping from the public. Troll hunter Hans is bitter about the lack of recognition he gets for putting himself in such danger and allows the students to follow him. The trolls themselves appear from the woods and caves, shocking the students and causing havoc wherever they go, but the Norwegian authorities are dead set against their troll problem becoming publicly known.

While the mockumentary style has been done and done again, this movie felt fresh and fun. The small cast does a wonderful job with the story, especially Otto Jesperson as Hans. The trolls themselves are both cartoonish and frightening and their looks will be familiar to anyone who's read Norwegian folktales. Grounding it all and making the whole movie a pleasure to watch are the beautiful landscapes of Norway, featured well during the crew's pursuit of the country's greatest secret. Check Our Catalog

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