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New music to listen to now

So much excellent new music coming out every week! Here are the top picks from the last couple weeks (June 16 and 23 to be precise), as appraised by the editors at (who also wrote the mini-reviews below). All links will take you to the relevant page on hoopla where you can listen to the music right now. Enjoy!

New on Tuesday, June 23:

Fantasy Empire by Lightning Bolt

My go-to gym soundtrack since its arrival this April, the new album by the formidable Providence duo is 48 minutes of lightning-quick (apologies) chaos that could put a pulse in an ice cream sundae.  Despite the album's breakneck speed, Lightning Bolt continue to distinguish themselves as being that rare species of artist who make their inability to decelerate constantly captivating.  Favorite tracks include, "The Metal East," "Horsepower," and "King of My World."

Ornette Coleman (1930-2015)

Yesterday morning, Thursday, June 11, a truly original soul ended his tenure on this mortal plane. Randolph Denard Ornette Coleman was an American jazz saxophonist, violinist, trumpeter and composer. He is credited with liberating "jazz from conventional harmony, tonality, structure and expectation".

Top music releases from the last two weeks

Every Tuesday new music is released and you get immediate access to stream it, with no advertising, no waiting, just the music you want to hear. Here are highlights from the past two weeks (released June 2 and 9, 2015). See all the latest here.

  • Drones by Muse
    Alternative Pop/Rock. Arena rock political protest album

Hot Chip

Hot Chip’s albums keep falling into my lap ever since the first time I unexpectedly came across them in high school.  The British electronic group hasn’t changed too much though- if anything, they’ve gotten even more confident in their quirkiness and comfortable in their own skin.  Their newest album Why Make Sense?, released in May, illustrates just how these skilled these blokes are with synthesizers and emotive lyrics with songs like “White Wine and Fried Chicken”, “Huarache Lights” and “Love is the Future”.

Louis 'Thunder Thumbs' Johnson (1955-2015)

Best known for his bass lines in his group, The Brothers Johnson, and his later work with Michael Jackson (especially "Billie Jean" and "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough") and one of my personal favorites, "Get the Funk ouf ma Face"; Louis Johnson died last Thursday at the age of 60. His ideas have been recycled for a ton of hip-hop tracks, but you owe it to yourself to pay tribute to the original. Stream some today.

This Week's New Music

Every Tuesday new music is released and you get immediate access to stream it, with no advertising, no waiting, just the music you want to hear. Here are highlights from this week, released May 18, 2015. See all the latest here.

  • Saturns Pattern by Paul Weller. British Traditional Rock. A "spacey, soulful rebirth".

Wilder Mind by Mumford and Sons

For their third studio album, Mumford has changed things up by doing away with the banjo and accordion that fans have loved, and over to electric guitars, synth chords and a full drum kit. This album revolves around love with songs like "Tompkins Square" in which Marcus sings about love lost. This album is undeniably rock and while some fans may find it hard to adjust to this new sound, I think that if they stick with it they will find that at the heart of this album it's still Mumford.

B.B. King Lives

Often referred to as a living legend, B.B. King has now entered the pantheon of forever legends. He died yesterday (May 14, 2015) at the age of 89. He was still touring actively as recently as last fall, and I saw him perform a couple of years ago at the North Shore Music Theatre in Beverly. What an amazing performer he was, growling out the blues as he had for decades in his inimitable King-of-the-blues style. If you're already a fan, take a moment to listen to some of your favorite songs; if not, now is the time to discover the work of this iconic American musician.


Lately Morphine keeps popping up. Not just on my ipod, which I expect, but in conversation, on the radio, and in articles I'm reading. Which got me to thinking about what a great loss Mark Sandman's early death was and is. No band sounds like Morphine, a saxophone, bass and drums, and Sandman's expressive baritone. My favorite of their albums is Yes, but they are all fantastic.

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