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Homework is for everyone!

Our homework help resources and databases are also great for both traditional and non-traditional schooling.

Getting Started:



Materials and Resources:


  • CK-12 Flexbooks - Free online science, math and technology textbooks for middle school and above.
  • Homeschool Central - A supersite with a wide variety of links to resources.
  • Field Trip Ideas for Massachusetts - A list of places to go for field trips from New Hampshire Homeschooling Resources.
  • BestHomeschooling.org's Gateway to the Internet - A supersite with articles about homeschooling as well as pointers to sites homeschoolers might find interesting or useful.
  • Super Teacher Worksheets - A supersite full of worksheets on a range of topics from reading to science to math and more.
  • Movies for home schoolers - Browse under the movie tab to find a variety of educational resources for homeschoolers, including language, math and standardized test prep. Use your Thomas Crane Public Library card to create an account then scroll down to the Movies For Home Schoolers section.


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