Evaluating Websites

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Teen evaluting a websiteDon't trust everything you read on the web
Before you use information you find on the web, evaluate the website to make sure it’s a reliable source. Why? Because anyone can publish anything on the web. To make sure you are getting the best information you can find, ask yourself the following questions before using a website for a school project or research assignment:

Is the information current?
When was the site last updated? Does it matter for your research? A website last updated in 1999 may have information that you can still use for your report on To Kill A Mockingbird, but you wouldn’t want to use an out-of-date site for your project on advancements in medicine or technology.

Is the information relevant to your research?
Does the site relate to your topic? Is it appropriate for your age or grade level? Don’t just use the first result in Google. Check out other sources before deciding which site to use.

Who is the author?
Does the URL reveal anything about the source (.com vs .edu or .org)? What is the author’s or publisher’s credentials and affiliations? You will probably find better information on heart disease from the American Heart Association than you would from a personal blog.

Is the information accurate?
Where did the information come from, and is it supported by evidence? Is the writing unbiased? Is the information similar to other sources? If the website you want to use is saying something completely different from every other site you’ve visited and article you’ve read, you might want to question its accuracy.

What is the purpose of the site?
Is the purpose of the site to inform you, to sell you something, or to entertain you and your friends? Is the information fact, opinion, or propaganda? A website about owners who look like their poodles may be amusing, but it is probably not the kind of source you would use for a project on French influences in American culture.

To read more about evaluating websites, check out the CRAAP Test or Evaluating Websites.

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