Quincy, Mass. Historical and Architectural Survey

11 Gilson Road

Number 11 Gilson Road, located at the rear of the Woodward School for Girls in Quincy Center, was once part of the original 1635 grant to Edmund Quincy some of which eventually passed to the Greenleaf family and Dr. and Mrs. Ebenezer Woodward. This property was included in the parcel belonging to Dr. Ebenezer Woodward who established a trust for the purpose of educating Quincy-born girls. Upon the death of Mr. and Mrs. Woodward in 1870, the Town of Quincy received $62,000 as the basis for the Ebenezer Woodward Fund. Since 1888, first the land and then the land and the single residence have belonged to the Managers of the Woodward Fund.

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This modest one story residence was built at the onset of the 20th century in a traditional style which encompassed a fine Queen Anne porch, complete with turned posts and a balustrade. The roof seems to be a variation of the straight mansard roof where the second slope is almost flat, hence the flat roofed dormers. There is a cornice board under the eaves and thin cornet boards. It is an attractive and unusual house which was listed in the previous inventory.