Quincy, Mass. Historical and Architectural Survey

Mount Wollaston Cemetery, Sea Street, Civil War Monument

This tall memorial surrounded by mortars carries the names of 105 men who gave their lives in the Civil War. Fifty-two Quincy men perished by disease contracted during the Civil War while only twenty-nine were killed in battle. Twelve men died of wounds and "twenty sunk at last in a Southern prison, worn down by privation, exposure and neglect." Records indicate that 954 Quincy men in all served in the Civil War. In April 1961, Civil War centennial ceremonies were conducted at the Hancock Cemetery in Quincy Square and a cannon was fired by the Ninth Massachusetts Light Artillery Battery to commemorate the Quincy citizens who died in that war.

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The Civil War Monument was dedicated on June 25th, 1868, and immediately recognized, at least by the citizenry, as "one of the best specimens of monumental architecture to be found in the State." Designed by local citizen Chester Mitchell of the Mitchell Granite Company, the monument is thirty-four feet and three inches high, weighs thirty-five tons, and was erected at a cost of $4360. The tall square column rises from three stepped bases and two arched tiers of inscriptions with designs representing both the army and navy, to a clean smooth shaft with only a large raised shield with the raised letters "US". The City Directory of 1868-69 concluded: "The whole is a chase symmetrical and beautiful monument, and is ... an honor to the Town ..."