Kill A Watt Program

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Kill A Watt

Meet the Kill A Watt®

A Kill a Watt® meter can tell you how many watts of electric power your appliances are using. It also tells you an appliance's energy use over time in kilowatt hours (kWh), the measure used to calculate your electric bill. A typical monthly residential bill runs in the hundreds of kilowatt hours.

Because kilowatt hours add up to dollars, the Kill A Watt® meter can also help you figure out how much each appliance is costing you, a first step toward saving both energy and money.

How to Borrow a Kill A Watt®

The library has teamed up with Quincy Climate Action Network (Quincy CAN) to provide free loans of Kill A Watt® devices to Quincy residents.  Please stop by the Main Library or any branch library to borrow a Kill A Watt® kit with your library card. You may borrow one for two weeks and may renew for another two weeks if no one else is waiting for it.

Each Kill A Watt® kit contains one Kill A Watt® meter plus a step-by-step Kill A Watt® User's Guide and a sample tracker sheet. Print out a blank Track Your Results sheet so you can record and save your own data.

Share your results

Share the results from your Kill A Watt® testing, as well as your energy saving ideas.
Go to Quincy Climate Action Network and look for “Share your success stories.”

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