Landing stone on top of ground - Granite Railway Quarry

Location of Granite Railway - West Quincy, MA 1825

Examination after blast - Hitchcock Quarry

After the blast - Swingle Quarry

Carving the Titanic Memorial Statue in John Horrigan's statuary plan (Mr. Horrigan near shoulder)

Carving the Titanic Memorial Statue (John Horrigan at back of head)

Four horse load of Quincy granite

Granite Railway Quarry - West Quincy Quarry

Lifting split stone - Granite Railway Quarry

Unloading granite at West Quincy station

Swingle grout trestle

Lifting stone out of quarry

Swingle Quarry Yard - West Quincy

Compressed air drill sharpener - Granite Railway Co.

Quarrymen coming up in boat out of Granite Railway Quarry for dinner

Granite as it comes out of quarry in yard

Loading building granite - Granite Railway Co.

Compressed air drilling - Hitchcock Quarry

Granite Railway Quarry - West Quincy

Stone erected in Hall Cemetery West Quincy by Solomon Willard

Hitchcock Quarry Quincy MA

Quarrymen coming up to dinner - Swingle Quarry

Grout pile - Mannix Quarry, West Quincy

Roughing out columns - Quincy Column Turning Co.

Quarry yard - Granite Railway Co.

30 ton block ready to split - team leaving quarry yard

Granite Railway yard at quarry - granite buyers picking out stone

Air drilling - Hitchcock Quarry

Steam drill at work - Hitchcock Quarry

Electric crane Quincy Adams - loading railroad cars (Quincy and Marsh Sts.)

Weighing granite - West Quincy station

Quarrymen in boat going down in quarry after dinner - Swingle Quarry

Surfacing monumental and building stone - Monahan Stone Shed

Turning columns - Quincy Column Turning Co.

Air drilling after blast - Granite Railway Quarry

Compressed air drilling - Swingle Quarry

Polishing monumental granite - Lincoln Polishing Co.

Compressed air drilling a 30 ton block of extra dark granite - Swingle Quarry

First railway frog in the United States

Monumental yard - Quincy Adams

Hitchcock Quarry - Quincy Mass.

Hoisting engine - Granite Railway Co. quarry

Air compressor - Granite Railway Co.

Tomb of Solomon Willard - Hall Cemetery West Quincy

Monument of Ezra Badger in Hall Cemetery West Quincy

Machine used in lowering cars out of quarry - Granite Railway West Quincy

Leading foundation stone on railroad cars - Granite Railway Co.

Old man of the quarry - Granite Railway Co.

Bunker Hill Monument - Breeds Hill - Charleston, MA (paragraph of info.)*

Part of original Granite Railway (inclined plane section) - Granite rails and ties

Two fine specimens extra dark granite - Swingle Quarry

Titanic Memorial Statue

Titanic Memorial Statue - back view

Titanic Memorial Statue (paragraph of info.)**